Goa in Monsoon Season

Millions of tourists visit Goa every year, a majority of them making the trip during the peak season in winter from October to January. Quite a few visit Goa during the summer around the month of May. But they seldom make the trip when Goa is at its most beautiful — during the monsoons. The rainy season (monsoons) in Goa is simply a magical experience.


Best Places to visit on an amazing trip to goa

Thinking of holiday? Looking at Goa for family vacation?
Goa is a place so full of energy and good vibes that it can be visited again and again without losing its charm.
So read on, and plan to surprise yourself with a true Goan experience this time around.
Check out these 5 best places to visit in Goa and things to do that won’t let you miss out on any of the Goan “fun”.
1. Calangute: Go Beaching Like Never Before